• Am I eligible to apply for a MDW?

    Singapore citizens, permanent residents and foreign expats with valid employment or work passes can apply for a MDW. The application is subject to MOM approval and expatriates are required to declare that their family members are residing with them.

  • What is the levy for employing a MDW?

    Employers of MDWs are required to pay a monthly levy through GIRO. There are two types of levies – normal (S$265) or concessionary (S$60). Concessionary rates apply to families with young children, elderly members or members with disabilities.

    Levy payment is only accepted through GIRO, hence it is important to maintain a valid GIRO account else the MDW’s work permit will be cancelled. Levy bills can be viewed online on the Internet Foreign Worker Levy Billing (iFWLB) System using your SingPass.

  • Am I eligible for concessionary levy?

    The general conditions are as follows: Your household has a child below 16 years old, or an elderly family member aged 65 years old and above, or a person with disabilities. The aforementioned must be a Singapore Citizen. Concession levy applications are subject to MOM’s approval.

    More details on the conditions for eligibility can be viewed on the MOM website. If you satisfy the concession criteria, you can apply for up to two MDWs for each household.

  • How does Jack Focus ensure the employment quality of MDWs?

    All candidates are screened and personally interviewed by our staff for qualities that make a good employee, such as work attitude and learning aptitude. We have training centres in Jakarta, Indonesia and the Philippines with training provided by qualified trainers.

    Our stringent selection rounds and training programme ensure the MDWs meet standards set by MOM and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs.

  • What happens if I find my MDW unsuitable?

    While we do our best to find a good match for each household, we do account for cases where compatibility issues may arise. For such cases, our staff may intervene with counselling or advisory services. If the employer still wishes to opt for a transfer, we will provide a replacement solution after understanding the needs and concerns of the employer.

  • What are your options for MDW transfers?

    Customer satisfaction is highly important to us at Jack Focus. We are able to provide different options for MDW replacements and can customize a package if needed.

  • Do I need to apply for an insurance for my MDW?

    MOM requires employers to apply for insurance for MDWs before work permits can be issued. This is to cover any accident or medical expenses for the MDW.

    The current insurance policy requires medical insurance that has a coverage of at least S$15,000 per year to cover hospitalization costs in Singapore. Employers are also required to purchase personal accident insurance that is assured for at least S$40,000 per year in the event of accidents. We recommend upgrading your insurance package for better coverage of medical bills.

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